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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Chronicles of Oliver Riddick

Oliver LOVES this old whiffle ball of Jacob's that he found in the backyard a couple of months ago. He also loves the two old tennis balls he found under the deck. We don't play tennis, so I'm not sure where the balls even came from.  For all I know, Jimmy Hoffa might be hidden under the deck. And while I'm glad he found them, now Jay will have to repair the deck.  ::::sigh::::  The thing is, Ollie wants to carry all THREE balls in his mouth at the same time.  He hasn't quite figured out that only 2 are going to fit in there.  Here he is with the whiffle ball. 
See?  There is room for at least 2 balls in his mouth.  Did I mention that he takes this ball in his mouth outside to do his "business"?  We call it his Bathroom Buddy.  Every Golden needs one! 
Since he can't carry all the balls in his mouth, he will bat the other two around with his bad leg, like he's playing soccer. 

Sometimes, a tired puppy just needs to take a nap with his whiffle ball.

If you look really closely, you can see Maggie sharing the blanket with Ollie at bedtime.  She's way in the corner on the left...she thinks no one will see her there.  She has her image to keep up, you know. ;)

Sweet dreams, my furbabies!!

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