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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's the little things.....

This is the only gator I saw in New Orleans!
I joined Weight Watchers this past December for the 4th time.  The day I joined was the day they unveiled the new PointsPlus program that is changing my life!  Before I knew it, I was down 2 sizes!  And while that is great and I"m thrilled to death about it, it's other little changes in my body that I'm noticing that keep me going.  Here are a few:
*I can wear my wedding ring again and it SPINS on my finger.
*I lost weight in my feet, so now I wear smaller shoes.
*I can cross my legs again.
*I can sit "indian style" on the floor.
*I can GET UP off the floor without having to crawl to something to hold onto to pull myself up.
*I stopped taking and needing my GERD medicine.
*I can wear bangle bracelets again.  And fun rings!
*My knees don't hurt anymore.
*I bought a smaller size in clothes and now I can dry those in the dryer because they are getting loose.
And I"m not finished yet!  I can't help but be excited to see all the other little things I'll be able to do when I reach my goal.  Sometimes, what the scales say isn't enough...sometimes it's the little things that keep us motivated!