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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chronicles of Oliver Riddick

Sunday was a gorgeous day to be outside, and Ollie took full advantage of it!  After a busy day chasing balls, chewing sticks and following Jay around the yard, he was ready to settle down that evening.  So he curled up with Jacob on the couch....

Did I say he was busy?  I meant to say he was B.U.S.Y!!!!!!   He was exhausted!
Poor baby can't even hold his head up!

Ollie's misfortune with his leg became OUR blessing.  We are all crazy about this boy!  Even Maggie, although she will NOT admit it. 
Maggie didn't want me to see her laying down with Ollie on their blankets, so she ran to the gate when she saw me.  Don't believe her for a second, she was comfortable with him!

I think he looks pretty happy and content.....
Don't you?
Carpe' diem!!

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