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Friday, January 17, 2014


Meet Oliver Riddick.  He was born on July 18 and shares his birthday with Vin Diesel...hence his middle name Riddick.  He came into our lives in September and our house hasn't been the same!!!  He is a whirlwind, to say the least, and cracks me up on a daily basis. 

Oliver, or Ollie, as a baby. Isn't he a cutie!?
He LOVES to run and play with Maggie.
But Maggie doesn't really like it.  She's still not sure how she feels about him.  I fully expect her to pack her things and run away from home. She has perfected the "how could you" look.
Sometimes, she will let him share my lap with her. SOMEtimes.
He was neutered last week (we are good pet parents!) and drinking out of a bowl is hard for him with the cone on.  So he learned to drink from a Solo cup.  It just happened to be red when this happened, so now that song is always stuck in my head.  You know the one...Red Solo cup, I drink you up....
Here is my surgery buddy enjoying some rest time with me and his cow toy.
Ollie's mom stepped on his paw and broke it when he was a few days old, so one leg is bent and twisted.  Doesn't slow him down at all and we love him all the more for it!  Sometimes, though, I'm not sure she didn't step on his head, too.  He's six months old now, super smart and super stubborn.  The journey with this guy should be a blast!!! 

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