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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Woman in Black

I took Darling Daughter and her Boyfriend to see The Woman in Black last night, because the 3 of us love, love, LOVE scary movies.  We weren't disappointed.  In fact, we did a lot of jumping in our seats, cringing, eye covering and clinging to each other. ( well, DD and BF were clinging)  It stars Daniel Radcliff, (yes, Harry Potter) who travels to a town for his law firm to close up the estate of a deceased client.  The house is, of course, empty and the town mysteriously doesn't want him to stay. Leaving isn't an option for him, so he heads out to the house.  He isn't there long when he starts hearing noises and seeing "things".  Children in the village  have a habit of dying horrifying deaths if anyone sees The Woman in Black, because she then appears to the children and forces them to their death. Daniels character tries to solve the mystery of the Woman in hopes to spare the remaining children of the village and to save his own 4 year old son, who is on his way with the nanny to meet him.  This is a good, old fashioned haunted house  movie,full of creaky doors and dark corners with things that jump out and make you scream. (And there are creepy dolls, always guaranteed to be spooky.)  It scared the pants off of the three of us and broke my heart in the process.  <-----And that's all I'm going to say about THAT.
 I give it a 10 on the Melscale.  Rated PG-13