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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My little pond

I built a little pond in my back yard this summer. I spruced it up and added more rock and fresh flowers  this past weekend, now that the weather is cooling down.  It's been so freakishly HOT this summer that it was neglected for a couple of months.  I got the idea from a project in Bible School at my church.  My friend and I created an indoor pond using a small blue plastic swimming pool we bought at Wally World for about $5.  They we added fake flowers, as well as some real ones, and filled it with water.  My dad gave me a small pump and we used that to create a waterfall.  The effect was so charming, I decided to re-create it in my backyard at home, using real flowers in place of the fake ones.  I love sitting out in my swing and listening to the waterfall while I drink my coffee.  I used potted plants around the back of the pool and I can change these out seasonally, or when the OK hot summer kills them.  All in all, I like the way it turned out.  What a nice way to spend a quiet weekend morning with my coffee!