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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Chronicles of Oliver Riddick

Oliver loves, and I mean LOVES to be outside!  His favorite place in the yard is in front of the swing, underneath the shade tree in the backyard.  I have caught him sitting IN the swing, swinging.
                                                Yes, he can swing it by himself. True Story.

Yesterday, though, I discovered that Ollie is somewhat of a hoarder.  He has gathered all these things in his spot near the swing.  A dog never knows when he might want to chew on a stick.  Or cardboard. Or a toy. I don't think there is therapy for Golden Retrievers who hoard?  Or was he retrieving all these things???  I also didn't know he drank Coca Cola.  Which would explain a LOT.

The upside to Ollie loving the outdoors is, it calms him down.  After the initial "I-must-run-around-the-couch-a-bunch-of-times-" energy outburst when he comes back inside, he settles down quite nicely.  Last night, he grabbed Maggie's blankie and crashed on the couch.  Maggie was not amused.  That's HER spot.


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