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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Chronicles of Oliver Riddick

Earlier this week, we discovered that Oliver was eating the walls in the laundry room.  I guess he was bored, despite all the toys we put in there with him when we are gone.  So he got a new crate to sleep in. 
He always has to "help" Jay
I think he likes it.  You can see Maggie checking it out........
Side by side.  Maggie took over his smaller crate on her own. 

On Sunday, Ollie and I will start obedience training and I can NOT wait to teach this goof ball some manners!  So he also got a new harness for me to work with him.  It will attach to the seatbelt in the car, keeping him from leaping around while I drive.  (in theory) We plan a test ride this evening.

He's grinning.  :)
I've been trying to catch him carrying his bowl around for some time.  I've been DYING to say "Please, Sir, can I have some more?"  Imagine the cockney accent. 

After a long, beautiful day outside on Sunday, both dogs crashed on the couch.  When I said "Okay ,guys, bedtime."  I got nuthin.  As far as THEY were concerned, they WERE in bed already.
Nice try, guys.

Carpe' diem!!

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