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Monday, June 23, 2014

Chronicles of Oliver Riddick

It's been awhile since I posted about Ollie.  He still LOVES to chase a ball and still carries one around in his mouth most of the time.  He completed his first obedience class with me in May. 
                                                             Last day of class..passed!

He loves to chase bubbles. And what are bubbles really, but floating BALLS?!
                                                               Jay entertains Ollie

Ollie took his first long road trip to our parents house.  He did great in the car once he realized that the overpasses weren't going to actually hit him so he didn't have to duck each time we went under one.
                                                                      Riding with M

He's been enjoying deck time with us in the evenings.  He tried to chase a lightening bug but it was too fast. And he was too hot.
                                                            Resting with his favorite ball.

We took a mini vacation and he got to go with us.  He got to spend a few days with his grandparents.
                                                 Enjoying the doggie door at mom's house

                                                             Swing time with me

The ride back home was quiet...I think he was worn out!  He does think he has to retrieve the toll money we throw in, though. 
                                                         Selfie with Ollie the Sleepy dog!

Carpe' diem!

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