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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Chronicles of Oliver Riddick

I caught Maggie sharing the couch with Oliver again.....She doesn't look mad or tense, which is a good thing.  She just may be too tired to care.  At any rate, it was peaceful!  For about 10 minutes.
I can hear my mom in my head saying "I can't believe you let them on your couch!"  But what she doesn't know is, I'll do almost anything for some peace and quiet!!!

Sometimes one of us can snag the couch, but will eventually wind up with a lap full of Golden Retriever, as Jacob found out.....
And sometimes, a dog just HAS to have a bucket on his head.  With a tennis ball in it.
But mostly, his favorite spot to lay down is in my lap.  Big dogs make great lap dogs! 
Look at that face!!!!!
Carpe' diem!!

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