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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mother's Day Gift

For Mother's Day this year, Jay and I made these keepsake frames for our moms.  Jay even sat down and scrapbooked with me on them.  They turned out really nicely and the moms loved them!  The question is WHO? and the answer is MY MOM.  Memories of things our moms did or said are printed on cardstock in different fonts and trimmed down.  I choose a black and white theme because that would go with either mom's house decor, so I printed the pictures in black and white, also.  We added some "bling" and embellishments along with ribbon to make it pop.

Jay even sat down and made his mom's frame, with just a little help from me.  When he was done, he asked when the next crop was so he could go!  I don't think so Tim!  That's my girl time!

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