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Monday, April 12, 2010

I NEED Gerber Daisies in my life!

I am pretty sure it's really, truly, springtime in OK!  The evidence is all around me, yet my yard looks as if winter is still breathing down it's neck, waiting to dump 3 more feet of snow at the first hint of green grass. My MIL always told me to wait and plant until April 15 to ensure against a late frost.  Which means, of course, next weekend I will be busting my tushy in the yard!  DH and I recently took a walk around our property and wrote a list of things that we wanted to do and needed to do.  The list is 3 pages long!  We've been in the house for 8 years now and things are in need of repair. So our "need to do" list is longer (and more expensive) than our "want to do" list.  I checked on my annuals and was thrilled to see my 50 year old Peony bush exploding from the ground, covered in buds! I brought a start of that with me when we moved. I am never more excited to see a bunch of ants as when that Peony bush buds! (ants eat the nectar which opens the blooms)  My lily of the valley plants are pushing right on through as well as my irises.  I may need to build a new fence to hold my clematis.  And I noticed that my miniature rose bush is spreading so I will need to start training it around the new trellis I bought last season.  The last time I did that, I was swarmed with ants. They made it to the hem of my shorts before I noticed them.  NOT so happy to see them THAT time, believe me.  This time of year, I feel positively FRANTIC with the need to plant something beautiful! So I'm praying for gorgeous weather for the upcoming weekend so I can dig out my garden tools and get to work! Please, please, PLEASE don't let me see any snakes! 

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