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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and Facebook

My family and I went back "home" for Easter weekend.  We spent time with family coloring Easter eggs, eating, making Resurrection Cookies, shopping, eating, hunting eggs and eating.  Did I mention eating? I stayed at my parents house, in the room I grew up in. (since 3rd grade, anyway)  I always sleep like a rock in that room, even though I don't sleep well without my husband.  After all, it's my parents house and mom and dad are just down the hall, so I can yell for them if I get scared.  Right?  And besides, mom leaves a night light on for me.  Yeah, I admit it...I'm afraid of the dark.  There.  I said it.  I've been afraid of the dark my whole life. Why change now?  It's good to have consistancy in your life.

The highlight of the weekend, for me anyway, was attending the church I grew up in with my mom and dad.  And here is where I realized that I am a Facebook junky.  I walked into the sanctuary and saw a guy I've known since high school.  I thought to myself "Hey, there's one of my Mafia members!" One of the ushers was another Mafia member.The sound guy is another! Pretty soon, I saw another friend with her son, who I've never actually MET in person,  and thought to myself "Hey! There are couple of my Farmville Friends!"  I sat down to speak to another friend and she told me who she was dating.  I said "Yes I know."  She said "How did you know?"  I said "Facebook."  I am not really in the mafia, nor do I really own a farm. Or a cafe. Or am I a  mayor of 2 "cities" that I have built.  But on Facebook, this is how I spend my time while interacting with people I haven't seen in ages! Facebook has made the world a "small town" for me.  If you are friends with someone, you know what's going on in their lives from who they are dating to how much coffee they may have consumed that morning before shouting "good morning" in ALL CAPS. (Mike :)  ) Conversations are carried out in posts and you can either leave a message or click the LIKE button, just so your friend will know you stopped by and cared enough to see what was happening with them.   And I LOVE it!  It makes me feel like, no matter how far away I am from my hometown, I'm never out of touch with it.  I hope that's how it is with all two hundred and something of my Faceook friends !

  I'm going to post this on Facebook now....feel free to leave your comments! Or, just click the LIKE button. :)

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