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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas

I woke up with Mary on my mind this morning.  I was wondering what she was thinking this week, all those years ago, before she delivered Jesus.  What was she thinking? Was she scared? Calm? Resigned? I kept thinking about how miserable I was the last couple of weeks before I had each of my kids, and I can't imagine riding on a donkey at that time!  Or giving birth in a dirty, drafty barn. How overwhelming to be chosen as the mother of our Savior!  To see the angels singing in the hold that baby in her arms!  That baby grew up and died for ME.  He died for YOU, too.  He is truly the greatest gift EVER.  Have fun this gifts, sing carols, eat lots of sweets, watch all the classic holiday movies..but please, don't get so wrapped up in the tinsel that you forget the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!  And thank you........  *turn up your speakers and take a minute to listen to the song

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