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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The kids and I went home for Labor Day, to spend some time with my side of the family.  Dad cooked hamburgers and hotdogs out on the grill.  We spent the afternoon and evening just visiting and enjoying each other's company. And laughing.  A LOT!   My brother and I did our yearly song and dance about when the Neal Thanksgiving would take place.  I have to plan it around hunting season.  I mean AROUND hunting season for every conceivable weapon!  Personally, I think he's making some of them up. ( especially the blow dart one)  He always winds up saying "just send me a sandwhich" and I always respond "if you don't come, I won't make your pumpkin cheesecake."  The holidays can NOT start until we've completed this ritual arguing. We don't need a script...we've been doing this for years. I cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal a couple of weeks before the actual holiday, and they all come to my house and eat it.  They don't understand why I like to go to all that trouble fixing all that food. From scratch.  I do it because that is the ONE time a year I get to have them all under my roof, and that makes me happy. I do it because I love to cook and set my table with my Grandma Neal's china.  I do it because it offically starts the holiday's off for me.  But most importantly, I do it because I love them.  Even if they don't read my blog!

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