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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Me and Orson Wells

I had a request for more movie reviews and because I love to please my friends, here is one on the movie I watched last night:
Me and Orson Wells, starring Zac Efron.  Now first, let me just say that if I were 20 years younger, he wouldn't be dating that Vanessa chick! ;)  So since he is my latest "movie star crush",  ( and yes, you can TOO have these when you are over 40!  As long as you don't REALLY act on them.  That could get you arrested.)  this was the only reason I rented the movie.  I like to see Zac in something other than High School Musical.  Because I love his blue eyes!  ahem, Okay, back to the movie review. 
Richard (Zac) is a bored high school student intent on being an actor in New York.  He joins an acting troop led by Orson Wells (Christian McKay) in 1937.  The play they are doing is Julius Caesar, Orson Wells style.  Richard strikes up a friendship with Orson's assistant, Sonja (Claire Danes) but desperately wants it to be more.  The story takes us through the week of this kids life in the Mercury Theater where he's taken under Orson's wing, so to speak.  Orson is a very demanding director and wants things done HIS way, or no way with ridiculous expectations from anyone around him and because of this, Richard has to decide if acting is really worth it or not .  I liked the story, if it was a bit slow, and I thought Zac did a great job with his role.  (I think this guy will be this generations Brad Pitt.)  The play within the movie was really well done and made me wish it was something I could see in it's entirety.  I give it a 3 on the MelScale. ;) 
Carpe' diem!

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